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Venue: TSB Arena, A&P Showgrounds, off Maire Street, HAWERA


Thursday 23th May - Track Opens 1pm - 6pm - Uncontrolled Practice (in classes)

Friday 24th May – Venue Opens 8am - Controlled Practice 9:00am - 5pm

No further practice will be offered after the last round of controlled practice


Saturday 25th - Reedy Style Heads Up Racing Begins

Venue Opens 8:00am

Drivers Registration 8:15am to 9:00am

Drivers Briefing 9:10am

Rounds 1 - 3 start 9:30am


Sunday 26th – Reedy Style Heads Up Racing Continues

 Venue Open 8:00am

Drivers Briefing 8:30am

Rounds 4 - 6 start 9am


Please note that the above times and schedule are subject to change at race directors discretion



Drivers must hold an NZRCA license and be a financial member of an affiliated club or prove they are a financial member of any overseas club

Racers who are not currently a financial member of a NZRCA club are invited to contact our club Secretary – Ross Wilton

to discuss membership options. Little Forest Raceway recommend joining your local club where possible.

 This event will be run per the 2019 NZRCA EP Off-Road Technical Class Rules

A Copy of these can be found at

 Classes offered are

2wd Buggy Stock - 40 car limit

2wd Buggy Modified - 40 car limit

4wd Buggy Modified - 40 car limit

4wd Buggy Stock - 40 car limit

2wd Stadium Truck Stock - 20 car limit

2wd Stadium Truck Mod - 20 car limit


Event Details


Tires are open for all classes - no saucing/traction addivitives allowed

The reason for no control tires is simple - in 2017 & 2018 LFR held the 1/10th EP Off-Road Nationals at this same venue and both times had control tires, yet feedback from racers at each event were the wrong tires were picked.  So this year we have decided to open tires up to allow competitors to effectively complete "tire testing" for us for future events.  


Please note, tires are very low wearing on this surface so you will only need 1 set for the entire weekend



Drivers must marshal the race following their own.  No cars or transmitters shall be returned to the pits until you have completed marshalling duties


Lap Counting

Scoring will be via LiveTime using AMBrc. Competitors will need to provide their own personal transponders.

Race numbers will be provided so please remove or cover any existing numbers on your car.


Driver Registration / Scrutineering

Drivers must register with the scrutineers if they wish to race. No cars are to go on to the track until they have passed initial scrutineering.

All cars are to be scrutineered before their race including battery voltage testing, weight and width of vehicle.  It is the drivers responsibility to ensure their car complies and no car shall be placed on the track until it has passed pre-race scrutineering.  At the conclusion of the race, cars will NOT be re-checked however random checks may be completed by the scrutineers at any time. 


Indoor Venue

This event is being held at an indoor venue and therefore is not subject to adverse weather.  Sponsors only are to be allowed to bring vehicles for pitting within the building.  Tables and seats will be provided for all other competitors - we suggest you bring your own multi-board for power and a small table light for your pit area. 



Power / Water / Rubbish

Power will be available at the track for all competitors. Please supply your own extension cords.

Non-potable water will be available onsite.

Rubbish – bins shall be provided, please ensure you use them or take your rubbish home with you.



Food and Drinks will be available at the track on all days during the event. EFTPOS will be available


Event Format

This event will be the first major meeting held in NZ using the Reedy style of heads up racing.  Competitors will be competing in each individual class as well as for the overall Stock Buggy & Modified Buggy titles. 

Each class will be limited to 40 cars. Each round will be a computer random draw and all races will count for points.  The lowest overall points for each class will determine the winner of that class. The overall lowest points of combined 2wd & 4wd will determine the overall event winners.   Stadium truck will only have individual class winners and points will not count to the overall buggy championships.

There will be 6 rounds of heads up racing for each class over Saturday and Sunday

Maximum 10 cars per race. 


Drivers may only enter stock or modified buggy.  No cross entering between 2wd & 4wd.  Trucks are open and drivers may enter either regardless of their buggy class choice.


Entry Fees

1st Class = $50

2nd Class = $20

3rd Class = $10


ENTRIES WILL OPEN 9pm - 10th March 2019 via


Please make all payments to the following bank account

Little Forest Raceway

TSB Bank

Westown Branch

Account Number: 15-3948-0416821-00

Please use Initial and Surname as reference so we can ensure your payment has been received.


For any event enquiries, please contact either of the following

 President – Scott Kendall –  

 Secretary – Ross Wilton

Treasurer - Evan Shoemark -